“It’s amazing how quickly the club has transformed into a complete family destination.”

—Jon McCarthy, Toronto Sun Golf Reporter and Member


The Pulpit Club is unlike any club in Canada, and the opportunity to join mirrors it conceptually with a unique membership opportunity.
Structured as a real estate investment by Longridge Partners, our exclusive Partner Membership differs from traditional private club memberships by providing a limited investment opportunity available to those who elect to join the club. The investment is in the unparalleled properties of the Pulpit and Paintbrush courses, a hard asset value that secures the value of the membership, without exposure to operating expenses or capital assessments.
The Partner Membership is generational, with discount incentives for family members to also join, and with no transfer fees for passing the membership to future generations.
Of course, members enjoy unrestricted access to the Pulpit and Paintbrush golf courses, as well as year-round engagement with the clubhouse and restaurant facilities, and nature-inspired programs.

The club presents our members and their guests with the exclusive opportunity to access the properties, and in doing so immerse themselves in the incredibly picturesque vistas of the Caledon Hills.

To join the club, new members pay an Entrance Fee comprised of a Participating Interest (property investment) and a Capital Contribution to support the club.
The Partner Membership Participation Interest is in the properties of the club. Unlike traditional equity clubs, the interest does not expose the Member to the club’s capital and operating expenses. Each year, the club will set a new value for the Participating Interest based to the property value, considering its assets, features, and total of 477 acres.
In addition, Partner Members have the option to add Associates, such as family members or business associates, who receive club privileges and pay reduced membership dues, without a separate Entrance Fee required. The number of Associate Members that can be added may be limited as the club monitors the total capacity and utilization of rounds played.

Members may realize a return on their Participating Interest based on the net proceeds of sale on any third-party real estate disposition of the club’s properties in whole or in part.
Also, a return may result from sale of one’s Partner Membership. In a process controlled by the club, Partner Memberships will be transferable to a new member at the prevailing value set by the club.
Partner Memberships are also transferable to vertical hierarchy family members without being subject to the club’s sale process and any associated fees.


For more information regarding membership at The Pulpit Club, fill out the form and we will respond shortly. Or contact Joe DiClemente at 519-927-3001 ext. 223, or email: jdiclemente@thepulpitclub.com

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